Welcome to the Studio 149 blog!

Hi Guys!

Firstly, thanks a lot for getting to this point. This means a lot to us and the fact that you are reading our blog gives us more reason to share with you guys our experiences which we don’t get to share on our social media platforms.

We’ll try to be as real as possible giving you a brief insight into what goes behind making all those beautiful ensembles you see on our insta feed , webpage and facebook – our design process, difficulties faced, client interactions, planning of shoots, collection inspiration, our highs and lows & much more!!

We would like to make it as interesting as possible and hence would love to hear your feedback and comments / questions on what you would like to hear from us. We have already planned out our first few articles for the coming week written by each member of our design team. So stay tuned, and keep showing all the love & support as always!


Lots of love & gratitude

Team Studio 149

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